We have developed three principles for our highly efficient machines and systems.


  • Modularity

Our innovative automation solutions have a very modular structure so as to ensure maximum flexibility during changes of production conditions, for instance, or during product changeovers. This is comparable to a system of building blocks in which the individual „blocks” can be reused or exchanged with one another.


  • Partial automation

We deliberately rely on partial automation. This allows production modules to achieve generally better control, higher flexibility, lower failure probabilities, and higher cost savings than highly complex, fully automated systems. It also simplifies the maintenance and operation of the systems as well as the training and instructions needed for your employees, all while saving valuable time. Individual parts of the complete automation solution can thus be reused, with only minor modifications if necessary, when changing over to new products.


  • Use of standard components

We rely on proven standard components from well-known manufacturers in order to ensure maximum compatibility and rapid supply of spare parts, thus avoiding the often labor-intensive and expensive process of in-house design. If service is needed, there are no long wait times for specially manufactured spare parts, thus eliminating the related production losses.